The Biograde Chem offers a broad portfolio of products for the pharmaceutical industry, many kinds of culture media and solvents for instrumental analysis. Our constant concern with the quality of our products ensures reagents and solvents that meet the most demanding regulatory protocols.


Aware of the various steps of petrochemical analysis as well as quantitative and qualitative chemical processes, Bio-GradeChem offers through its products, technology, expertise and support. Our portfolio comprises from mixtures, adsorbents and reagents to ASTM various chromatographic and spectrometric essential to your laboratory applications.               

Food & Beverage

Reagents and culture media for performing all analyzes of the Food & Beverage segment. Aligned products with very strict regulations and regulatory food safety standards

Lab Contracts

All product lines with excellent cost / benefit for those using analysis as feedstock. Our portfolio comprises from solvents and inorganic reagents to a full range of culture media. We can offer the best options for your laboratory.


With the increased control of environmental organic waste also increases the regulatory rigor. The Biograde Chem provides a series of solvents for analysis of dioxins, furans, PCBs, PAHs and common pesticides.

Universities and Research Laboratories

For university laboratories and research centers, it is essential all analytical steps to obtain the best possible performance. Aiming at this high performance, our portfolio has more than 5000 products that ensure the quality, efficacy and safety required for your research and laboratory practice.

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